This is the story, I am not selling my child, I am asking for any help to pay for my wife to have a tubal reversal so we can have a baby my wife and I have been married for 4 years, she has children from her previous marriage but after the birth of her last child she had an operation to cut her tubes since she desperatly didn't want another child with her last husband. Fast forward 12 years and she and I really want a child and find ourselves unable to have one.

If we could have a child it would be very much loved, both of us love children and get very broody when we see friends and neighbours getting pregnant, even watching TV shows where someone gets pregnant makes our hearts ache, if you can donate just $1 you can take us closer to making this dream a reality.

We are not attempting to get something for nothing here, anyone that makes a donation to our cause will have their name and the link of their choice displayed on this site, I am offering multiple packages, basic donations will get your name or the name of your organisation posted on the links page, a bronze donation will get you a larger bold link, a silver donation will get you a link and an image*, and a gold donation a link and an image* displayed at the top of the links page, the 5 highest donators will also get their image* and link displayed on the front page of this site.

If you would like more information about tubal reversals please visit this site, this is the doctor we are considering as being the best person to perform the surgery, he has a high success rate and seems to be the best priced of any doctors we have looked at.

So please help us, donate whatever you feel you can, you will be helping us acheive our dream of being parents and it will make you feel good about yourself it is a win win situation. Thank you!

If you don't wish to donate using the links below you can send money from your paypal account to "bmaynard (at) geekserv (dot) com" if you don't wish to send through paypal but do wish to donate email me at the above address and we can arrange another method. Thank you.

When making a donation, provide the url you wish to link to your name, any text you wish to have displayed with a link and the url to the image you wish to link with if you are making a silver, gold or other donation over $15, thanks.

* Links and images must be suitable for a family website, anything considered offensive or illegal will not be linked to, sorry